Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A-Z...all about me!!

WOW!! Two in one day...here is the "All About Me" list that is fun to write and I hope, fun to read...

A-Attached or Single? Attached…Married 15 years this July

B-Best Friend(s): Chad…Just under him, I would include Carrie (BFF the longest!), Donna, Charla, Kristie, Katie, Kathryn, Stacie & Laurie

C-Cake or Pie: Pie – gotta go with CHOCOLATE!!! And then buttermilk chess! BUT Cake is up there too – Coca-Cola cake is the BEST!!

D-Drink of Choice: Coffee (with half-n-half), Coca-Cola (leaded), Gin & Tonic, Rum and Coke

E-Essential Item: coffeemaker and travel mug

F-Favorite Color(s): Blue, Red and Green

G-Gummi Bears or Worms? BEARS…although I can live without both…I love Jelly Belly (or the knock-off) jellybeans

H-Hometown: Paducah, Texas

I-Indulgence: a bath…I think I’ve managed ONE in the last three years & even then had to share it with two three-year olds!!

J-January or February: January…still a little bit of Christmas break and you always feel like you have a chance to start fresh on some resolutions!!

K-Kids: twins…a boy and a girl (blessings for three years now!!)

L-Life is incomplete without: Good girlfriends…and the laughter shared with them.

M-Marriage Date: July 17, 1993

N-Number of Siblings: 1 older brother, Vince (50),

O-Oranges or Apples? I like both, but would probably choose an orange (especially the sweet little Clementines!)

P-Phobias/Fears: Don’t like rodents in my house (although if they are contained as pets…that’s okay). I have a fear of drowning, although I’m a strong swimmer and love the water…maybe it’s more like being out on the ocean surrounded by nothing but water…not sure I could do that!

Q-Favorite Quote: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.” – Helen Keller and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13

R-Reasons to smile: great marriage/husband, blessings in children, close family, good friends, summertime is coming…being outside with all of the above!

S-Season: The spring/summer because I’m definitely a warm-weather person who likes to be outside and I love when the evenings last and you can spend time outside (see above). Also, I love swimming and camping and can’t wait to do both!

T-Tattoo’s?: No, but I think I will someday soon…I’ve always wanted a dragonfly.

U-Unknown Facts About Me: I was in a major car accident when I was 16, had brain damage and was in a coma for 5 days…but by the grace of God I am still around, with no lasting damage and only 1 small scar. I’ve been with my husband for 22 years…he was my first and only love – since I was 15 years old! I love to talk (okay – who doesn’t know that) and that personality trait got me swats in school three times – in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and my freshman year in high school! I like to make jelly/jams and can vegetables! I love to cook, read, watch movies, and garden!!!

V –Vegetable you love: I like lots of vegetables…but ANYTHING fresh from the garden (tomatoes, OKRA, squash, cucumbers, peppers), which is probably another reason I LOVE the summer!!!

W-Worst Habit: TALKING…often running my mouth when it would serve me sooooooooo much better to close it! Also…I tend to be a “habitual” eater and that’s really not good!! Last one I’ll mention (certainly not the last bad habit) is speeding while driving back and forth to work!

X-X-rays or Ultrasounds? Ultrasounds…I was so fortunate to get to have an ultrasound each and everytime I went to the OB when I was pregnant with twins. I was so reassuring and amazing to see both little bodies growing and moving…we spotted personality traits for both twins that they exhibited in the womb and have been true to ever since.

Y-Your Favorite Foods: so much food…so little time…I’d probably have to say hamburgers/steaks grilled out with potato salad and pinto beans are my fave (back to that summer thing), but I love Mexican food, Asian food and Italian food…It would be easier to say LEAST favorite foods, but I don’t seem to have many/any of those!

Z-Zodiac: Taurus (stubborn and selfish? Not really, but probably sometimes and I’m sure my husband would agree! Loyalty is another trait and I do consider myself a pretty loyal family member/friend)

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Another Twin Mother


cdj said...

I did NOT know you were in an accident and in a coma!!! How did I not know that, BFF?? Anyway, great list! You and I are alike on many things!!


Coffee and taking a coffee maker on trips? We've got to go traveling together sometime. We'd get a long well!

Emma said...

ohh pipster...i so love you..very interesting things i am learning about ya!!!