Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what's really important...

We've all heard the catch phrases..."stop and smell the roses", "appreciate the moment", "count your blessings", etc., etc. My good friend Charla's blogpage has a post right now about putting down your burdens and resting for awhile...a great read! We all know we should be thankful every day for our bountiful blessings, but maybe we forget once in awhile to take the time to do this...or maybe the worries of the day take precedence over the blessings. Well, it only takes one incidence to snap you back into realizing what's really important in this life!

Many of you know that my husband, Chad, of whose wonderfulness I recently posted, was diagnosed with unprovoked epilepsy in December. After having a convulsive seizure in early December (and later recalling that he had had two more unwitnessed episodes which were probably seizures), spending the night at the hospital here (can I tell you how thankful I am to the medical staff we have here!!!???), seeing a neurologist in Amarillo and having a whole battery of neurological tests done, we have concluded that there is no evident reason for the seizures. I didn't realize until this happened that "epilepsy" is just a general term to categorize a seizure disorder - whether there are explainable triggers or not. Anyway - after the first seizure he was put on Dilantin, an anti-seizure medication. It has taken some adjustment, but he has adapted to the medication level and had been doing fine, without further seizures...until he ran out of his Dilantin and didn't refill it immediately...not a good situation, and I'm sure you can imagine the moral of this story. After two days off his meds, we went to the Jr. High basketball games in Paducah, and while I was off chasing the twins...Chad suddenly began having a convulsive seizure. Our best friends, Todd and Carrie, immediately became aware of the situation and surrounded him and then the nurse from our clinic, happened to be in attendance at the game and she rushed to attend him as well. As soon as I became aware of the situation, I held his head in my hands and knelt by him until the seizure ended. This caused quite the commotion and the ballgame was stopped...until everyone realized that there was no need for an ambulance or a defibrillator and the games started back up. If you have ever been around anyone who has a seizure, you know that the postdictal period after the seizure is basically a time when the person is just passed out and exhausted. This lasted - in the gym - for about an hour, until we were able to take my husband out. In the interim, we were able to reach his neurologist in Amarillo and get instructions for increasing his anti-seizure medication to get him stabilized over the next few days.

So...the point of this post...what's really important...the people you love. Seizures aren't, in themselves, life-threatening, but it's just all the unknowns that surround them. We've gone through all the tests, and Chad has received a "clean" bill of health, but you just never know when an episode like this will strike. The episode definitely scared me to death! I didn't witness the first grand mal seizure that Chad had in December...my mother did, and I have continuously thought about how I will/would handle an episode, should one occur. And still...you're never prepared to see that...I cannot get the images out of my mind.

Several times a day now I am just thanking God for my family, for the blessings that He has given me. I'm trying to be more aware of what's really important...the words I say to my husband and kids, the tone of voice and my actions. Yes, there are still daily chores and work to be done, but all I have to do is remember the literally seconds of fear that gripped my heart to realize what really important in this life. Have you thanked God for your blessings yet today?

Another Twin Mother


cdj said...

Jody, that was a great post. You're right, I think we ALL take for granted what we have and the blessings of family and health. I think it is human nature and not until we are reminded because of tragedy or just stresses in our lives, do we realize the fullness of these blessings. I think also, we get so wrapped up in our own lives, so self-centered sometimes it makes it easy for us to forget others are worse off and makes it easy to forget how blessed we truly are. Thanks for the words.

Amy said...

Jody, I don't think we have actually ever met, but I am from the big C also! I hear Charla and Donna talk about you alot...always good!! Of course! I just wanted you to know that I have thought alot about you and your family over the last several months. My 2 year old nephew began having unexplained seizure around Christmas, also. Although I do not know you(yet)I am praying for you all. Thanks for the powerful words in your post! Come visit my blog anytime! Amy Horton

Stephanie said...

I am glad to know that he is ok...I was worried about you and your family for awhile. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to help you out....take care of yourself and your sweet little family...steph

Emma said...

God is so good. I am thankful that everything turned out okay. You are such an awesome mother and wife and I know Chad is in the best hands possible. I will continue to pray for him and of course you.
It makes the small thinks not important and put the priorities right where they should be. I am always here for you anytime.