Friday, February 1, 2008

Today is a Good Day!

Today my wonderful husband is 41! He hates birthdays and never wants anyone to I guess he will NOT like this, but I think birthdays should be celebrated. It is another year that you have lived and created memories and have touched others with the things that you do. Chad is not another year older...he is another year younger and he has affected others by so many things he has done! I want to tell you just a few things about my husband and how the way he lives is special to his family and friends.

Chad is a good son...he loved his parents, who both passed away in 2002, and he has lots of great memories of both his mom, Sue and his dad, Arb that he (and our family) will always have of growing up in Paducah and Guthrie. I know that he will share many of those memories of the people his mother and father were with our children as they grow up.

Chad is a good brother...he and his older brother, John, are very close now as adults, but they both have memories that they share of growing up!! We love spending time with their family and look forward to spending many more years of holidays and vacations with John, Anita, Cole and Aubree! I hope that Chad and John are able to continue to share their love of sports, history, movies and small towns throughout their lives!

Chad is a good uncle...he loves his niece and nephew, Cole and Aubree, and feels a special kinship with his nephew Cole because they have such similar personalities! John calls Cole, Chad half the time! Chad loves to give Cole advice about his sports endeavors and artistic talents and aspirations...and one of his greatest joys is making videos of his niece and nephew's volleyball and football games! He also loves and rejoices in the accomplishments of his niece and nephew on my side, ShaVonne and Luke...he is proud of the adults they are becoming.

Chad is a good friend...he has always been someone who doesn't like big crowds of strangers, but he can be the life of the party when he's among friends. The list of his REALLY CLOSE friends is small, but they are definitely friends for a lifetime. One of his very closest friends is one he sees quite often now that we live back in our hometown and they have their own way of communicating that includes inside jokes from their days back at good ole GHS!

Chad is a GREAT HUSBAND! We have been together for 22 years this spring. We have been married for 15 years this summer. We have so many memories that have been created over 22 years, but most of my life has had Chad as a part of it, and I wouldn't give for any of those moments. The trips we have taken together, the friends we have made and the times we have shared have such a special place in my heart!

Chad is a GREAT DADDY! He loves his children more than life itself and he has said so many times that he can't imagine life without the twins. As his wife, I love him even more than I ever thought possible because he's such a great dad. Chad does his share of the work at a home where we both work full time and the time he spends with the twins is so precious...playing cars and princesses...and watching all the great Disney movies! The twins LOVE their Daddy so much and on the few occasions that he has had to get stern with them, they burst into tears!

So...Happy Birthday my love...I am so glad that you are the man that God chose for me. Your love completes my life and makes me whole. I am thankful for every day that God blesses me have your company and your love. Happy 41st Birthday!


Stephanie said...

I really liked this post. It is always nice to say great things about your other half....Happy Birthday....


I don't know Chad ... but I have no doubt I'd like him. I love marriages where husbands and wives aren't afraid to praise one another publically.

Well done.

PS - Happy Birthday, Chad