Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick, Sick and More Sick!!

What a fun time is winter's end...with all the sickness of family and friends! Haha...I'm trying my hand at playing Dr. Seuss. So - you guessed it, everyone I and friends alike are sick, sick, sick! The upper respiratory bug that has landed in our area is taking no prisoners! Both my children AND my big baby (my husband) are sick with bronchitis, ear aches, AND now I think my husband has strep throat! What a fun place to be! I was sick with what felt like a stomach bug this past Saturday and wouldn't you know it...MOM doesn't get a sick day! EVER! Not that I'm griping...okay, maybe just a little bit...I'm really happy that I am a relatively healthy person who hardly ever gets sick. I'm sure God knew what He had in mind for to take care of everyone when the chips are down.

I'm probably overly cautious with my kids...I don't like for them to be on antibiotics all the time...and I definitely teach that we, as a society, are becoming antibiotic resistant due to all the medicine we tend to take, BUT...I also fear that the bronchitis could turn into pneumonia or something even worse (i.e. meningitis). I need to just trust God to protect them and keep them in the palm of His hand, but those middle-of-the-night coughing sessions that go on and on are sooooooooooooo scary and you feel so helpless to help them through it. Along those same lines...(sorry if I'm rambling), even though we gripe about insurance costs...I'm soooooooo thankful for it! We try to keep a prescription of Xoponex (nebulizer medicine) for those scary times when breathing becomes difficult and a breathing treatment helps to relieve coughing, but that is an expensive medicine...even WITH insurance. I remember thinking in the fall, when we last had upper respiratory illnesses, what would I do as a parent if I could NOT afford that medicine and my child was suffering? I guess you would do whatever it took...but what a nightmare situation...and you know many parents are in that exact situation.

So - I pray health for all my family and friends...if you are one of the ailing, I wish you comfort and a quick recovery!!! Until next time...

Another Twin Mother

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