Saturday, January 19, 2008

Making a Blog List with Your Husband

So now one of our favorite Saturday morning activities could be working on our blog page...this morning we (Chad and I) worked to create a new blog list for our page. The list is titled "Favorite 80's Albums - from Jody and Chad". We had to pick ones that we could somewhat agree on, but Chad's tastes ranged from New Wave to Hair Metal and Jody's included some of those and some "Poppy" Rock. All of you 80-ites should recognize many of the albums and maybe it'll take you back to the nights of "Night Track Videos" on TBS before we had M-TV or VH1!!.

I love Saturday mornings just lounging around and drinking coffee...watching my kids play and taking it easy! What I hate are the tinges of guilt I experience because I'm not getting anything cleaning my house or school work or whatever. We're off for now...

Piper family

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