Friday, January 18, 2008

Just one little slip!

Have you seen Chicken Little? The opening theme song is "Just One Little Slip" by ? Not sure what band, but sounds a lot like "Bare-Naked Ladies".'s a great song about how one little slip (the whole "sky is falling" thing for Chicken Little) can be a big thing in your we all know. Well, my latest "slip" is not that big, but I did slip on my Jenn-Air range top over the past weekend while trying to retrieve a cookbook and broke the WHOLE thing!!!! What a mess! Actually - I only BROKE the largest burner, but managed to send cracks through the other three burners. This happened during a discussion about finances and then, one little slip later, we have a costly appliance to replace...oh well!

Also slipped up and didn't show up for my first college night class on this past Tuesday because I was positive that class was scheduled for Thursday night. After a few phone calls to the Dean of Students, the mistake is all cleared up, but class will be on Tuesday nights...not such good news for Chad who had basketball games to attend and take pictures of on Tuesday nights! Another...oh well!

Cord and Aidan have been very "energetic" this week with the cold weather and not being able to get outside. They have both gone to the naughty bench (thank you Super Nanny!) several times for fighting, hitting, throwing, biting, etc, well as saying such tacky words as: "Shut Up!". You'd think that almost 3-year olds would be more angelic, but??? After Cord goes to the naughty bench...his most often offense is saying "Shut Up"...Aidan carries her little New Testament bible around and says, "I read my bible..." and then as she pretends to read out of it, she quotes, "Don't say tacky words, that's not nice...that hurts my heart!" What a smart girl! Of course, she's usually the one getting her brother in trouble because she's coming and telling on him..."Bubby say shut-up, Mommy". Oh the life! With the hectic schedules both Chad and I have had lately, we are thankful for the peace (did I say peace?) that our home and family provide.

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Another Twin Mother

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Hi Ms Piper ... thanks for teaching my boys science. I AM glad they know the difference between hypothermia and dehydrated. :)