Friday, January 11, 2008

a new year

Okay - here's my second post...coming up. I've been told by my friend Charla that blogging is addictive...and given my affinity for talking, that is quite possible. We (the Piper family) have started off the new year much like the last. The twins are back in the routine staying with their nanny, Maggie, while Mom and Dad are off to work. They are growing so fast and it's hard to believe they will be three years old in only 2 months. Our new favorite show is "Jon and Kate + 8" on TLC and we can definitely identify with their daily tasks with three year olds (although on a reduced scale, obviously). The things that their sextuplets do, however, are exactly the same kind of things that the twins do.

My latest undertaking is monitoring the twins language...they are definitely adept at picking up whatever is being discussed and Chad and I both have to watch what we say all the time! Aidan is especially good at picking up on the nuisances of discussion and her latest thing to say to ME is "I'll do it in jus' a minute...I busy!". Last night her response to me when I told her to scoot over in the bed was, "O - KAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" We had quite the discussion about that being "tacky words" and not a nice tone of voice to use, and she ended up in tears because I was being "mean". Anyway, it's an ongoing battle, but both of the twins seem to be sensitive to our tone, and definitely don't want us to be mad at them. Cord's favorite phrase is "Sorry, Mommy!", but he is overusing this and getting good at employing the phrase as soon as he's done something he knows he shouldn't, like choking his sister or saying "shut up". She does aggravate him on purpose though and elicits his frustration and anger quite often...I'm sure we're in for more of this through the coming years.

They are good children, though my brother-in-law might disagree, and every day is a blessing, watching them grow in to the little people that they will become.

Until tomorrow...
another twin mother


cdj said...

It's looking great! I love the pic at the top of the twins in the tractor wheel!

Stephanie said...

It looks great. Keep up the good work. And about the potty training. Keep lots of Skittles around....and get a good stool for the bathroom. Also let him go pick out some underwear. I promise these are good investments..