Tuesday, January 22, 2008

just another manic Monday...oh, Tuesday!

Such a busy Tuesday...preparing for my night class which began tonight and prepping for genetics labs in Biology at CHS!! I posted a new picture of my sweet princess Aidan. Such a beautiful baby girl, but you should of heard us arguing last night. I know, you're thinking, don't argue with an "almost" 3 yr. old, but oh the drama in deciding what pajamas to wear (or NOT to wear). You would have thought I'd asked her to sleep in a horsehair shirt, but really it was only as bad as long-sleeved pajamas...considering it is WINTER! She did NOT want to wear them, was NOT going to have them and threw a kicking, screaming fit! After 10 minutes of trying to get her to choose from 5 pairs of long-sleeved pajamas because her fairy nightgown was in the washing machine...she FINALLY pointed to a pair of pink thermal ones...exactly the pair I had picked out for her to begin with. Oh the days and nights that await me in her future! She really is my princess...just a bit hard-headed (kinda like her Mama!). All this transpired with her Bubby and her Daddy just lying there on the bed and chuckling (at least Daddy was). And after it was all over...and she was dressed in the original pink pajamas...she actually said to me, "I not mad anymore, Mama", and how could I be either!

Another Twin Mother


cdj said...

Aw, sweet girl. You DID have a busy Tuesday. I thought about you while I was in Wichita Falls. I was wishing you were with me, but then remembered you had your class tonight. Hasta manana.


You have beautiful kids. Yours actually look sweet. My kids pictures all look honery. They don't have the "look sweet" characteristics. I enjoy reading your blog.


Emma said...

AWWW...God is just getting you ready for the junior high years....Remember this, "don't cry in front of the kids." It makes you look weak. Ha JK.