Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Cry Because It's Over...Smile Because It Happened!

Wow! It's been over a year since my last for those two followers I have out it goes! I just read my blog header when I logged on to my blog and realized it totally fits what I want to say tonight! I was lying in bed, not sleeping, and thinking about the day. My beautiful twins (boy and girl) turned five years old today and what a five years it has been...I'm tempted to cry because those five years are gone, but I want to smile because it's happened (see header :).It's amazing to recall that five years ago, at exactly this time of night, I was nursing those babies for the first time and holding close the sweet blessings that God had entrusted to me. After ten years of waiting and trying and worrying and crying, we had been blessed with not just one baby, but two healthy beautiful children, both a girl and a boy. So much has happened in the short time that they have been with us. We moved back to our small hometown, I changed the school at which I taught and began commuting 60 miles total each day, I began teaching college classes, my husband was diagnosed with epilepsy and was in a bad car wreck from which he suffered crippling injuries (which btw, is one reason I haven't blogged in over a year), I regained my lifeguard instructors certification and managed the city pool, we became very involved with our church, and on and on, decisions have been made which have impacted our lives. Throughout these five short years, there have been so many moments during which I have cried, but there have been so many more during which I have smiled or remember that during EVERY moment of our lives, we are so richly and completely blessed. It's good to remember, and I want to tell more about the events of this last year, I want to "blog" about so much more, I want to share with you the EVENT that was the PIRATES and PRINCESSES Birthday Party this day, but for now it's enough to say "Happy Birthday to my beautiful Princess and dashing Pirate" and to remind my friends not to cry because it's over, but smile because it happened.

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