Thursday, July 24, 2008

Achievement Log and another thing...

Okay, Tucker...I'm going to be brave and toot my own horn...I guess I'm entitled since this is my blog. TTucker challenged us to make an achievement log of our "Top Ten Best Achievements" and to reflect on those, especially when we might be feeling down or overwhelmed. I liked the idea and started reflecting on my own here it is, so far in my life.

1. Being a good wife (I do honestly try, Chad ;), mother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, etc. I try to be a good family member in all that it entails. Notice I said try, I don't always succeed.

2. Going through with in vitro fertilization and receiving the two greatest blessings possible.

3. Marrying the love of my life (since I was 15 years old) and making a life together.

4. Always striving to be a good teacher, including studying for and passing the composite science certification exam.

5. Getting my Master's in Biology and completing a research thesis.

6. Being involved in service in my community/church.

7. Striving to be a good friend.

8. Striving to keep a clean house (relatively speaking - haha).

9. Keeping old family traditions and making new taking time for a family vacation.

10. OK, sorry if this makes anyone uncomfortable, but something I really count as an achievement is breastfeeding twins for 13 months...see below.

I wanted to make this brief comment about the last thing on the list. I was reading Texas Monthly this morning and read an article titled "Lactation Nation" about an author for the magazine who was trying to find out about breastfeeding from some lactation consultants in the Austin area before the birth of her child. She wrote about the La Leche League meeting she attended and how the consultant there who was still nursing her FOUR year old, totally turned her off of the concept. Then she visited another lactation consultant called the "Mobile Mama" and learned the truth about nursing. Needless to say, I am a proponent of breastfeeding and believe our society has made a turnaround, so to speak, in their opinions of the practice, but I know from personal experience that breastfeeding can produce an awkward, stressful situation. I am so thankful for one of the lactation consultants at BSA in Amarillo who was kind, patient and so very helpful. I know Tiffany helped many women see what a natural, positive experience it could be. The other consultant however, was almost the total opposite and left to her, I might never have made it through. So, for those who consider this TMI about me...sorry, but breastfeeding was literally my biggest fear about delivering twins (much more stressful and scary than the whole C-section itself). However, I was determined to succeed in this endeavor and was able to continue for an extended period of time (not FOUR years though...goodness, if that was the case, the twins would STILL be nursing - YUCK!). Anyway, I wish every mother the success that I had and would love to hear what other people think about the whole concept.

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