Saturday, July 26, 2008

15 Things...

I am borrowing this idea from Trey Morgan's page...but, July 17th, 2008 was my 15th Anniversary with my husband. He got me this wonderful little invention called the Flip video camera and I got him...not much - a braided rope choker and some vacation t-shirts. Since we were on vacation during the anniversary, I thought that I would post about it no particular order...


1. I love that Chad makes me laugh, even when I'm mad at him, he can always make me laugh (which makes me even more mad!!).

2. I love that he is an awesome father. He loves his children more than he ever thought possible and I know he would do anything for them.

3. I love that he always tells me that I look great, and makes it sound sincere (even when I am scrounging around with no make-up and my hair unfixed...).

4. I love that he always fixes the kids plates. Without being asked, he just always starts preparing their food and making sure they have what they need.

5. I love that he cleans up after supper. If I cook, he always starts clearing the table and cleaning up as soon as we are finished eating.

6. I love that he is THE RECORDER OF OUR HISTORY TOGETHER. He has always been the one to have a camera or camcorder handy to record the moments of our life together. Even though it can be annoying sometimes, I'm always thankful that he had the camera to capture those moments that I thought I'd never forget, but that seem to slip away.

7. I love that he is a hard worker! In the time we've been together, he's always held down a job and brought home a paycheck, even though there have been times when the job he was working at was one he hated...he never quit!

8. I love that he knows tons of movie and music trivia. He is the KING of this type of trivia and his mind seems boundless in the recall of details. I know some of you out there have this same kind of talent...but I would have to say that Chad's the BEST!!

9. I love that he is a kind and gentle spirit...this is evident in the way he treats people (especially those with disabilities) and animals. He is compassionate and loving, and treats others with kindness, sometimes to a fault!

10. I love that he loves history...and his perspectives on situations in the world are always interesting and educating (to me and others). I love that we share a great respect for the military and the service of others for our country.

11. I love that he is a visionary...Chad always has ideas and sees the good in others - he is always an optimist!!! This is not only true of our family and his personal work (he always has new ideas for expanding his business), but it's true of our community...he shares the vision of several community committees of revitalizing our small town. I love that he is not sitting on the sidelines watching the death of our small town, but is always encouraging and thinking of ways to bring it back to life.

12. I love that he trusts in the plan that God has for our family and believes in the value of having our family in church and being involved there.

13. I love that he takes pride in his house and his yard and wants to keep them is good repair.

14. I love that he is truly a partner in our marriage and shares the responsibilities of raising our children and making our life together work.

15. I love that he makes me feel loved. He tells me he loves me every day and I know he means it when he says it. He makes it evident through the way he treats me and be being the kind of husband that he is.

There are many other reasons that I love you, Chad, but Happy "15th" Anniversary.

By the way...check out Chad's blogpage in my blog list!!


Stephanie said...

I loved this post...happy anniversary...steph


I love your list. Never be afraid to dote over your spouse!

Have a great "rest of the" summer!

Donna said...

love you