Friday, July 4, 2008

Are Skittles® the Miracle Candy???

Okay...I know Skittles are great, but they have definitely become the star candy in my house. Any one who reads my blog, knows that I have struggled with potty-training my son for the last 2-3 months...nothing seemed to work...we tried M&M's for rewards, new underwear (Cars!), tinkling outside, new Thomas the Train engines for rewards (notice the rewards got bigger as we got more desparate) and nothing seemed to work. I was given tons of great suggestions, but the wisest advice I received was, "It's not going to work until he decides to do it", and they were right! So the beginning of the week started as usual, with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday seeing some successes, but more set backs (in the form of messy accidents), then came Wednesday, and knowing I had a pack of Skittles in my swim bag from the pool concession stand, I made the promise that Bubby could have Skittles if he would tee-tee in the potty. I think I timed it just right and after asking him all morning if he needed to go, he finally said, "Yes..." Well hot dog, I don't even think my feet touched the floor as we flew to the bathroom, stood that little stool in front of the potty and waited...and then, lo and behold, miracle of miracles and a straight shot later, we had accomplished the impossible...pee pee in the potty!!!!!!! We danced, we sang, we cheered, we called Daddy at work and Meme at home and WE HAD SKITTLES!!!!!!! And that was it folks, since Wednesday morning, it's been smooth brilliant son even made the connection about poo poo in the potty (sorry for the reference, but it IS my life!) and was rewarded FIVE Skittles for that accomplishment! So I will definitely keep the Skittles on hand; they are soooooooooooooooo much cheaper than Pull-ups and clean up is A LOT easier!! ;)

I know it's only been three days, and accidents are inevitable, but the time being, this hurdle has been passed. Although...I did spend most of July 4th holiday taking first one twin, then the other to the bathroom, I kinda feel like I'm back to when they were newborns, only it's a whole new world of poop and pee! YUCK!


a cowgirl at heart said...

Oh, I don't think it's weird at all. That's what I reward Richard with when he pee pee's in the potty. Must be a boy thing. ;)

Donna said...

umm i'd do almost anything for some sour

I'm glad that the potty training is winding down...such a big hurdle..

when you finish, i want you to come over and teach my guys...I HATE CLEANING THEIR BATHROOM! ewwwww