Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh...the honesty of children

Two quick stories about the honesty of my children...I went this past week to get my hair cut, and in getting in the "groove" for summer and thinking of spending lots of time at the pool, I decided to get my hair cut quite a bit shorter than usual. My hairstylist doesn't "style" your hair unless you specifically request it, so I usually just go home after the cut and style it myself. Anyway, after leaving the shop, I drove home and because of the dried quickly in a very bed head, not-cute look. When I pulled into the driveway, my three-year old twins greeted me at the door and both got a very puzzled, kind of disgusted look on their face. Aidan remarked, "Mommy, who cut your hair?" and then quickly added, "I don't like it!" At which time her every-so-eager to agree brother said, "I don't like it eivver (either)." So after explaining that it just wasn't fixed, Aidan again thought it necessary to tell me, "Your hair all messed up - I don't like it!" Oh well...I was going for easy, not popular!!

Then this evening, knowing that I had a very important city council meeting to attend, my workaholic husband tells me he has to run to work and finish this and that, but he'd be sure to be home by 6:40...since the meeting started at 7:00. I agreed to this, even with the track record he has for being late. So, I fed the twins supper, freshened up my make-up and short hairstyle, and started waiting...6:40 came and went, 6:45 came and I started calling his office and got no response. I even went to so far as to walk to the end of the block looking for his car at 6:50 with no Jeep in sight! At 6:55, I got the barefooted twins in the car and started driving down towards his office, all the while muttering, "I'm gonna kill your Daddy!". Cord seemed very worried about this and kept saying, "Don't kill him, I love my Daddy!" I tried to explain that I was just upset that Daddy hadn't come home yet, but actually said I was gonna kill him a couple more times. At 7:05, with no Daddy in sight, I pulled up to the meeting and started making the twins promise that they'd be quiet if we went in to City Hall for the meeting. I managed to find some wipes in the car to clean the supper of their faces, then I toted my bare-foot babies in to City Hall, one on each hip. As soon as we got in to the meeting, my Mother, their Meme, came out in to the foyer to watch the children so that I could go take a seat in the open forum portion of the meeting. I was involved with the meeting, but at some point I didn't hear any comments from the twins any longer so I assumed their Daddy had shown up and taken them home. It was only after the meeting was over that my Mother told me the funny...when Chad came into City Hall, Cord saw him and immediately informed him that, "Mommy's gonna KILL you, Daddy!" However, seeing how I was in a good mood because the meeting had come out like I wanted, their father was spared again! haha!


Emma said...

Does Chad even realize how close to death he came? So funny and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!


Funny, funny stuff!

Thanks for teaching Parker this year. He was blessed to have such good teachers.

Stephanie said...

I really liked that post...but is so true...we have both realized that we have to watch what we say and how we say it...take care of yourself and hope to see you soon...steph